I will be starting to blog about my different experiences : musically and personally. 
Keep posted! :)


06/16/2013 4:17pm

Hi Jillian, I watched your audition on the X-Factor. You are the only contestant who moved Simon Cowell to almost choke by holding back his emotions. I just want to say never underestimate what your sharing can do. Your story has given me stength to understand and overcome 15 yrs of childhood bullying. I am 54. I wish you well. Please never become proud of your success and keep supporting those who less fortunate. Thank you.


07/03/2013 8:44am

I was browsing youtube,and came across your x-factor performance.
I was sucked in when you spoke about being bullied,since I went through all of that in my childhood,from age 6 to 16.And it touched me alot,but when you started singing...I was completely blown away.I felt every single bit of your pain through the song,and I just about cried my eyes out.I have seen many emotional bits,but nothing like this.I think I watched it 10 times in a row,cause I think you are beautiful,and you sing with such passion.To me,you are an inspiration.
I just cannot imagine why anyone would bully someone as beautiful as you.It made me upset,angry.But you truly made it through.
Your performance,so brave,so strong.I think I will never ever forget when you sang that emotional song.
I believe in you,you are one of the biggest inspirations I know of,and I just know you will succeed with everything you do.

Thank you ever so much,for being who you are,for doing that powerful performance.

Like Demi said,you broke my heart.

Love and kisses from Norway.

Stay Strong,forever.:)

summer finch
11/07/2013 7:27am

hi jillian you are amazing! I was wondering if you could please do a song about autism? I am a single parent of a 5 yr. old son who is autistic. cayden is non verbal. 1 in 50 boys are autistic now and 1 in 88 girls. its a pandemic. please you give me hope and I feel you would be great.


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