SOOO! This past weekend I got to go to LA for the FIRST TIME EVER!

you seeeeeee.... I had a gig there with the wedding/events band I sing for called "The Sultans of Swing" and obviously I was ecstatic! 

First off, let's talk plane ride... the flight there was 6 hours and the LONGEST SIX HOURS OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I tried to sleep as much as I could, but the bumpy ride did NOT make it any easier. Any way, if there was a way to teleport ... that would be the way to go!

Anywhooo.... so after getting there I went right to sleep that way I could wake up and enjoy Orange, California where we were staying. 

After my nice sleep, I woke up and walked to the outdoor mall across from the hotel with my vocal bandmate J-Krak. When getting to the mall I noticed a mechanical bull. Now, you can understand my excitement seeing as I LOVE making a complete fool of myself in public! So, I rode the bull and left with cuts and bruises all over my body.... haha

After actin' a fool and shopping, it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready for the gig.. After primping and showering... make that... showering.. then primping.... the band headed to Laguna Beach to the party venue. 

The place we played at was called "Seven Degrees"... the reason it had this name was because everything IN the club was angled at seven degrees: the lights, the wall, even the doors... which I ran into a million times... but the club over all was STUNNING! 

The sound was outstanding and the band really killed it! I had so so so much fun.. we even got asked to stay for an extra half hour... So obviously we were on FIRE!!!!! :P

Well, we got back to the hotel around 1:30am... and had to leave for the airport for 4am.. Sweet! So, I got an hour of sleep and then slept the ENTIRE FLIGHT HOME!

So, needless to say... such a short, but AWESOME trip! 

oh and I came home just in time to watch the Pats lose. Cool .. 


Vanessa Steinman
09/13/2012 11:17pm

You're amazing! I love your voice! You're story is similar to mine. You're my idol! You & Demi! Stay Strong Forever<3


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