Okay. So for those who know me, you know, scary movies & I do NOT mix.

Well, needless to say.. my friends FORCED me to watch Paranormal Activity 3 and whoever made these movies... I do NOT like you. We are NOT friends. I do NOT like scary movies. 

I mean .. who WANTS to be scared? Why can't people just always watch comedies or something that makes you smile and enjoy yourself... NOOOOO instead people want to watch stuff that makes them paranoid for like WEEKS. 

Sleep has been terrible the past two nights.. Literally every noise has made me jump, has woken me up, has made me wanna scream... ugh! NEVER AGAIN!



09/13/2012 8:16am

I so agree with you, Life is difficult enough so why be scared when there so much fear already in this world. We need to concentrate on perfect love and cast away fear, rather than to embrace it.

03/10/2013 6:19pm

hahaha i HATE scary movies! every time i watch them i can't sleep for like 1 or 2 weeks... hahah it's terrible

amber webb
06/16/2013 10:42pm

same here I hate scary movies my sister loves them and she always trys to get me to watch it with her Im like hell no I wanna be able to sleep not keep waking up in the middle of the Night lol.. I watch when a stranger calla and everyone said it wasnt scary at all but I jump like a chicken so many times lol but ur not alone on this one lol


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