Have you ever had that moment in your life where you don't know what will happen next? A moment when you realize that tomorrow may really be the start of a new day. That's what I am experiencing. I don't know if I should be extremely excited or scared (poop)less. 

Everything happens for a reason. People come in and out of your life, as do experiences. Everything that is meant to be will be and I've always had faith in that. But how do you act when you finally feel like everything that's meant to be is finally coming full circle? Life has handed me some pretty interesting cards and I've taken them and played the game, dealing with the obstacles and learning from every experience. 

What if I have finally gained everything I've needed to learn in order to succeed? Is this truly the start of a new? All I know is that I go on into the future with the confidence I need to conquer whatever it is I am yet to face. I'm ready. Game on.

Sharon Jensen
08/21/2012 3:22pm


09/13/2012 5:44am

Well, your X-factor audition is going viral on Mashable right now - so good for you! Keep up the great work. I think sometimes when you at least sow up to play the game...some of the sequence plays itself. Best of luck out there - you've already made it. The game is just not over yet.

09/13/2012 12:23pm

Thanks for all you do. Amazing audition. I just don't know how to tell you how inspirational you are.

09/15/2012 9:08am

You are an amazing artist. I saw you on x-factor. It has been so long since I have seen someone pour all of their emotion into a song like that. It is truly the essence of music as an art form.

09/18/2012 12:25pm

I saw you on X Factor & Omg your flippin' AWESOME! You have a beautiful voice! Im glad that you stayed strong b/c your talent should never go to waste. I've also been trying to reach you on twitter since you said youd follow people but your mentions are going crazy , so if you read this can you follow me? @chillLikelovato <3 & fuck those idiots who bullied you! Your beautiful! :*

10/04/2012 7:06pm

You are truly amazing phenomenal on levels in heard . Sing from your heart and it will never lead you astray! You've transformed your experience into something we all feel when you sing, no matter what becomes of this to all of us reading your blog, watching you on xfactor , being your friend , family will all see you as the profoundly amazing woman you've become! I am proud to of read you story and heard the voice that has spoken out from it!!! Sing Jill sing ..... Let your voice free you from your pain!

11/03/2012 1:00pm

Hi Jillian,
You sound great! Your statement: "What if I have finally gained everything I've needed to learn in order to succeed?" reminded me of another quote: "What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" Mark 8:36. Just wondering if you have ever thought about that? Keep up the good work!

11/18/2012 3:00pm

that is so true. people come in and out of my life, and i am all emotional about it, cause they are normally really good friends. i love this comment, i can relate to it so much. it is so true, and i understand it like it is in bold right all up in my face. <3 ha ha
-Sarah Marko <3 LOVE YA JILL!! (not weird at all)

01/22/2013 6:55pm

Hello Jill, i'm from Quebec, Canada.
Last weekend I have saw your first Xfactor audition on youtube...i know i'm late...lol, but Jillian you are amazing, your are strong like a piece of steel with a big glowing heart, a forged heart by all your sad and gorgeous moments, all of these moments, made the beautifull person who you are. A wonderfull futur waiting you, but never forget the way who you are, stay "you". Like you said to Demi, i say you the same thing...Thanks!!... for all you'll doing to stop Bullying, i also was bullied a lot when a was a child...teen...until 17 years old, I understand you how this is a nightmare. But now it's a new Life, please take the head and made the path for all of bullied victims can follow your example.

Please write me in private if you think to come in Canada, this would be a pleasure and a great moment to meet you.



kim sweeney
04/06/2014 2:19pm

I love your song , I tell my son who has ash burgers that life will get better , being his mom his biggest fan and only friend how people treat him hurts me even more then my son . Watching your moms face while you sang on the show for the first time , the tears she shed for everything you went threw , the pain you felt and what you had to over come but not only that the tears she shed at that moment knowing life will now be so much better for you , all what you went threw is now over and now people see how wonderful you are and will treat you the way everyone should be . Its sad to say but I am almost wishing his teen years away so he can find happiness from outside are home . We live in Lynn MA where there is no groups or the help my son needs and I hope in time for so many other kids they will have it .. thank you for sharing yourself with the world , it feels like a better place ...


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