Yes, I believe that music is what saved me
Yes, I love Demi Lovato
Yes, I have a stay strong tattoo that I am EXTREMELY proud of
Yes, I look to Demi as an inspiration when I’m feeling like there’s no way out
Yes, I am tatted up like Lil Wayne
Yes, I have a skin condition called psoriasis
Yes, sometimes it makes me very self concious
Yes, I have many piercings
Yes, I am bisexual
Yes, I can be one of the most ANNOYING people on the face of the earth
Yes, I tweet to much
Yes, I am obsessed with Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Spongebob, etc.
Yes, I’ve been broken in the past but am no longer
Yes, I have suffered from an eating disorder
Yes, sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and hate what I see
Yes, I’m on the “thicker” side
Yes, I have suffered from self harm and have attempted suicide multiple times
Yes, I am extremely proud to share my stories with others
Yes, I believe the only way to overcome your past is with positivity
Yes, I will ALWAYS stand up for what’s right.. even if it means I am standing alone
Yes, sometimes I get very insecure
Yes, sometimes I have moments of vulnerability
Yes, I am FAR from perfect

But if there’s one thing I tell everyone it’s that “we are all different for a PURPOSE and it’s the combination of our strengths and our flaws that makes us ALL beautiful”

- yours truly

But none of this means I am weak… just because I cry or get hurt by others words doesn’t mean I will think of giving up ever again…

I will never allow ANYONE to hurt me again… 

because we are all beautiful…

thank you.


Jillianator forever.
03/10/2013 5:36pm

I love you baby, I'm so proud of you.

03/10/2013 5:42pm

i love you so much. You are my biggest inspiration and you're so strong. Im very proud of you. i love you.

03/10/2013 5:44pm

This may sound stupid, but you'll never truly know how proud of you I am... To be able to say that I was here from the start - you've come so far & I know you'll go so much further still <3 I'm so glad people get to see the real you that I was blessed to be able to get to know <3

03/10/2013 5:59pm

you're perfect jill, believe in me

03/10/2013 6:03pm

u're perfect to me<3

03/10/2013 8:41pm

Your my inspiration and I hope one day I can be as strong as you are. So thank you so much not just for giving me a person to look up to but thank you for giving me the hope I never thought I'd get back.

03/29/2013 5:54pm

Like Demi said on X-Factor, 'You are so strong.' Every time I watch your audition video, I get tears in my eyes knowing that I can also relate to what you went through. Never give up.

07/30/2013 1:20am

Dear Jillian,

I am from Holland, I'm sorry if my english is not correct.

By coincidence I saw your X-factor audition and I was touched. Looked on the internet for more Jillian, you are a beautiful person!
I hope you and your songs reach Europe, you are a great performer and have a great personality. Enjoy your succes!

05/13/2014 11:06pm

Does Jillian really post on this site?


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